What is Search Engine Optimization?

A multi-discipline field that aims to increase traffic and site visibility through placement on search engine results pages, or SERPs. Essentially, tips and tricks that bring more people to your website!

What are the SEO team’s responsibilities?

  • Protection- They want to make sure the users that already find your page continue to find it. They have to keep up with the ever changing rules of search engines.
  • Growth- Grow your community base and getting more people to interact

What are the 5 essential elements of SEO?

  • Content- on page elements that have value to users and are understood by search engines
    • TIPS: Make sure page is built around a single topic, ensure that the page name reflects the topic, clean up redirects and duplicate pages, build out content that competitors are missing, and eliminate red links
  • Accessibility- how crawlers and search engines access your site
    • TIPS: Create unique, canon content instead of repeating a lot of the same content as other websites
  • User Experience (Internal Linking)- Users and search engines find pages through links
    • TIPS: Internal linking (no red links, please!) is really valuable. This includes navigation boxes.
  • Links (External Linking)- The more that other websites link to you, the more search engines believe that you are an authority on the subject.
    • TIPS: The bigger the website that links to you, the better! (Example: Buzzfeed, Wired, etc.)
  • Keywords- Page titles, image titles, and relevant wording through the article page are the keywords you need to mind while building an article page.
    • TIPS: Make sure image file names are properly named and easy for a search engine to read. Write keywords in in a logical way, don’t stuff them into the page.