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AML Tony is an admin in the Villagers and Heroes Wiki and is part of the Admin-Mentor-Program.


Hey everyone!

My name is Tony and I was born in 1985 and grew up with the Power Rangers, Buffy and Walkmans. I´m a German Navy Officer and currently work as an Eventmanager at Navy HQ. My career has enabled me to see the world from a different perspective, which fascinates me.


Unlike many others, I'm a late bloomer in regards to computer games (2011). I always ridiculed the people who spent all day in front of the computer. Meanwhile, I´m a part of that group xD I like to take a time-out from real life by diving into fantasy worlds. Due to my passion for writing I became aware of Wikia through the German wiki of my MMO. When I started to edit articles in July of 2015, I never would have thought that I could ever get a clear grasp on Wikia – but it worked. Meanwhile I am a part of the German Admin-Mentor Program and it's great to help new users lose the fear of the unknown – after all, I know how they feel.

One thing that has astonished me, are the many young people on Wikia who are really kick-ass with their vast knowledge. It´s fascinating, how everyone helps and supports each other, no matter their age. Wikia is a big family and I am proud to be part of it.

When I´m not playing my MMO or spending time on Wikia, I like to exercise. Among other things kite surfing, climbing or bouncing (for those who do not know what bouncing is, have a look at the picture with the kangaroo-boots). Nevertheless, I spend much time on my couch to watch good shows (Arrow, Dexter, Defiance, Stargate) and movies (Marvel, Avatar, Resident Evil, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Le tout nouveau Testament).