Community Connect

Andrew was Wikia's Senior Community Manager, which was a role that changed day-to-day. Generally he handled special Community org projects and worked directly with product teams to make sure your voice was heard and respected as Wikia evolved.


  • Was raised in Chico, California and is a proud UC Santa Barbara grad. Still owns a piece of UCSB's most famous goalpost.
  • Trained as a QA Manager for big data projects in a past life
  • Survived the 2008 economic meltdown by endlessly weeping and thus producing perpetual motion
  • Can never move because his apartment is rent-controlled
  • Will spend $100 in ingredients for a recipe he could buy pre-made for $20
  • Recovering nailbiter

Community Connect involvement

Andrew knows alot about product and a lot about community, so he was around to answer questions, guide discussions, and smooth wrinkles. He's very friendly and was taught by his mother to smile at everyone.