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Antonio is Community Manager for the Movies/TV team at Fandom. Also know as bola, he has spent most part of his wiki-life working in Spanish communities. From last year he is focussed on English TV/Movies communities, keeping an eye on the Spanish communities too.


He can't remember when all this started, but he did in 2001, playing to GTA III. He was looking for mods because he wanted to add new tanks to the game. That's because he started to collaborate in a famous Spanish website about GTA. After that? Well, he reached the status of moderator, collaborator, admin, webmaster, and whatever, he was almost the owner of the web after some years.

In the meanwhile, he started to edit in Wikipedia. That was the beginning of the end, because after a year, he thought could be a good idea to create a wiki about GTA, and that's the reason because he started to collaborate like bureaucrat in the wiki created by a friend, Grand Theft Encyclopedia. We are talking about May 2007, and a year later he was recruited as helper -volunteer-. Three years collaborating in the Spanish communities, and after that, he was hired by Fandom (2011).

He has been supporting the Spanish communities for more than 11 years (as user, helper, Community Development Manager, etc) and finally, he was promoted to Community Manager for English communities too, focussed on TV/Movies wikis.


  • He loves wikis, in any form: wiki-dramas, super complex templates, designs, more wiki-dramas, stats... or just reading, because best way to understand a community is reading the articles and seeing how they pamper their pages.
  • Antonio always tries to be creative in all his projects and never repeat same program twice. He is in constant evolution, so if you have any crazy idea that you would like to apply to the wikis, please, tell him, it's easy to convince him to obtain his support.
  • Fan of GTA, Star Wars, Song of Ice and Fire and any TV series pre or post Breaking Bad.
  • He LOVES Adventure Time.
  • He is a scout leader at the scout group of his town. Because he thinks we can leave this world a little better than we found it.