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Antvasima, most commonly called Ant by his community, is a Fandom Community Council member, and a bureaucrat for the VS Battles and Tenchi Muyo wikis.

He joined Fandom in early 2014, and accidentally stumbled upon the VS Battles wiki, which gradually became a focus for his obsessive perfectionism, likely due to a combination of his interest in accurately indexing statistics and growing up with the old Marvel Comics handbooks.

Given that the wiki features characters from several hundreds of different fictional story settings, he has not focused on personally vainly attempting to evaluate and decide their statistics, but rather on paying attention to find members who are highly knowledgeable in different areas, ranging from mathematics, to abstract metaphysical philosophy, to in-depth analysis of the wide variety of fictional settings themselves, deferring to their expertise in these areas, promoting the most rational, reliable, and levelheaded among them to a very large staff, and then doing his best to help keep the community as a whole organised via the wiki's discussion forum, in addition to handling most of the daily edit-patrolling work for the community, and gradually defining a large part of the fundamental structure of the wiki as a whole.

He is a massive workhorse, and has worked an average of 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with upholding his Fandom duties since late in 2014, and the VS Battles wiki has grown to over 85 times the popularity it had when he first came there.

His current favourite fictions are the One Piece manga, The Wheel of Time novels, Phineas and Ferb, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros, Studio Ghibli Movies, the original Ni no Kuni game, Final Fantasy VIII, and the Dragon Ball Super anime.

He enjoys diving, downslope skiing, nature walks, relaxing music, meditation, singing, and crosstrainer exercise. He is also a big friend of animals, particularly dogs, and leads a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

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