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Azgoodaz (or Rel), I'm apart of the Gaming CTM squad but during off-hours I manage the PUBG Gamepedia Wiki.


I've been editing Wiki's for who knows how many years, I love it. I mostly live on the other side, PUBG Gamepedia Wiki as the Admin, it's my project of mine since 2016 back when it was in Pre-Alpha. Besides that, I entered video games at a young age with a Windows 95 desktop with no Internet. Just me, my Tonka series CD's, LEGO Island and the desktop. My cousin introduced me to the Xbox 360 when it was released and played Call of Duty 4 everyday, you can say I'm a Xbox fanboy but I did move back to the PC side years later with me building my own PC from scratch.


  • Watching Esports
  • Kayaking
  • Paintball/Airsoft
  • Theme Parks