Community Connect

Becky Westmoreland is the Director of SEO at Fandom. She may or may not be half elven, but like other employees, does not like writing about herself in the third person. She also did have an Assassin's Creed themed wedding .


Sites I've worked on SEO for have ranged from startups to large corporations (including SodaHead, G4TV, E! Online,, Vagaro, and now Fandom). I've also held the title Marketing Maven because sustainable SEO practitioners must understand how the entire site works in order to maximize the potential visibility and happiness of people who use search engines to find us. I've done community management as a cat (Assassin Felinious).

Community Connect Involvement

I am someone who loves search and language. I have used all of our sites for years as an RPG gamer and someone who loves to know lore as well as gameplay. My personal goal is to help everyone understand what SEO is and why it's important because I care about your craft as much as you do!

Becky will be presenting "AMA about SEO" at Community Connect 2020.