Benjamin Tarsa


Benjamin Tarsa is the Director of Gaming for Fandom and Gamepedia.


Benjamin joined Curse in 2012 as the original Gamepedia Community Manager, and went through a series of related roles as Gamepedia continued to grow including Community and Marketing Manager, Marketing and Business Manager, and others. Currently, he leads up the team that helps manage all of the community and content related efforts in Gaming.

Before joining Curse, he studied at Georgetown University where he recieved his MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology. His research focus was online gaming communities, with special attention to communities of players in MMORPGs and what happens when MMOs close down and players are forced out of their worlds, becoming "digital refugees." He also volunteered for 2 years in the Wikimedia Global Education Program, teaching in classrooms and helping students create Wikipedia pages instead of term papers. It was that experience that first got him involved with wikis!

Community Connect Involvement

Benjamin helped with various aspects of the planning of Community Connect. Most importantly, he managed all of the swag for the gift bags, so if you love it or hate it, you can talk to him about it! He'll be there to meet everyone and hear their thoughts about all of the projects we're working on regarding Fandom, Gamepedia, and the UCP.

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