Bennett Blood Mage18

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Bennett Blood Mage18, or Bennett for short, is a recent Fandom Councilor (July'19) and long-time editor that eventually became an administrator for the The Vampire Diaries Fandom community. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be invited to both the 2020 and 2021 Community Connects. Both have been a great opportunity to meet other admins and editors on the platform and to have those indepth converstations with community Staff.


Bennett began his editor experience as (hopefully) a helpful anonymous user at The Vampire Diaries community - off and on again for an untold number of years. Eventually, I officially joined in September 2014 with my own account blundering through his first few edits, page creations and uploads though has become a much more experienced editor. He joined Community Council in July 2019. He doesn't edit on too many wikis, opting for many meaningful edits to one or two. However, he does watch a lot of TV and will chat about many - specifically if the show has or is about magic or has witches. For a fun fact, his username is an amalgamation of two concepts. The first is 'Bonnie Bennett' from The Vampire Diaries' Bennett Family of powerful witches. The second part is from Dragon Age, where "Blood Magic" is a mage specialization; i.e. a 'Blood Mage'. Therefore, Bennett Blood Mage18 was created, though you can call me "Bennett" if the name is a bit long.

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