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Luis, known in Wikia as BlackQuimera08 (a.k.a. Black, Quimera, Grandpa) is a Spanish Helper and Council. He is an admin on the Bleach Wiki (es) and Fairy Tail Wiki (es).


Born in San José, Costa Rica, in December of 1996, Luis is the seventh of nine children. In 2015 he started his studies at the University of Costa Rica, in the career of Odontology.

In Wikia

Luis signed up at Wikia in September 23 of the year 2011; he made his first edit in his favorite character of the anime and manga Bleach, later that year, he became a rollback in Bleach Wiki.

In 2012 he began editing in Fairy Tail Wiki (es) where he became administrator and bureaucrat, just with four months of being part of the community.

In 2013, he became administrator in the wiki where he began his time in wikia, Bleach Wiki (es). Two years later he also became bureaucrat.

In 2015, Luis became part of the Community Council, and also a chat moderator in Comunidad Central, even though he lost the Chat Moderator flag due to inactivity caused by the university

In 2016 he became a Spanish Helper, a charge given to him with the purpose of making Designs to the Spanish communities that ask for this kind of help.