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BlueHighwind has edited the Final Fantasy Wiki for what is frighteningly close to a decade now. He has come along on Wikia's various excursions for what frighteningly close to two years now. And he has been a Fan Contributor for what is frighteningly close to six months now. He also twitters @BlueHighwind and has a dusty old blog that he updates sometimes -


BH was born in 2007 to write a walkthrough on Final Fantasy VII on the Final Fantasy Wiki. He is the creation of the 1991 creation, Eric Fuchs, a nerdy and quiet young man who needed an internet handle. Eric currently works a boring office job in the Bronx but dreams of more. He has Metallica's Unforgiven II stuck in his head right now, and a fridge full of smoked herring which turned out to be a lot saltier than I thought and how the heck am I going to eat all that? He sometimes falls into rambling streams of consciousness.

Also Overwatch.