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Learn how to leverage SEO (search engine optimization) best practices when creating Fandom content.



Moz SEO Toolbar can be used to conduct competitive analysis in Chrome or Firefox. Wikia has a domain authority of 81, so a high-quality article on Fandom has a good chance to outrank competitors with less domain authority.

Answer the Public is a search query data visualization tool that maps the keyword suggestions users see when performing a Google or Bing search. Questions found here can be a great starting point a Fandom article.

Google Trends can be used to research global and regional search trends and to compare the interest between search terms. Parts of this tool are in beta, so search options and available data are subject to change.

Google Keyword Planner This tool requires a registered Google account to log in. Prompted to enter credit card info? Click the "skip the guided tour" link at the top to load the next page; Keyword Planner can be found under "Tools" in the top navigation. This tool has a ton of features and filters, but simple searches are a breeze.

  • Choose "Search for new keyword using a phrase, website or category" at the top of the "Find new keywords" section.
  • Enter one term or multiple terms into the search box and hit "Get ideas."
  • Click the "Keyword ideas" tab in the middle of the page to see the results.

Presentation Slides

The presentation is available in .pdf format here (can be opened in browser).