Brandon Rhea


Brandon Rhea is Community at Fandom. He oversees all of the Community teams, many of whom will be at Community Connect 2021! Contrary to the rumors you may have heard, Brandon is not a witch.

History at Fandom

Brandon first joined Fandom (then-Wikia) in 2006 as a user on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, where he later became an admin. In 2010 Brandon joined the Community Support team part-time. After college, he joined full-time and was a Community Manager working with Support, Product, Marketing, and Editorial; a Senior Manager of Content Production, overseeing the Featured Video team; a Product Marketing Manager, working most closely with the Community Council and Product team; VP of TV, Movies, and Anime, overseeing those vertical teams; and as of 2020, VP of Community. He also occasionally contributes to Wookieepedia.

Community Connect involvement

Brandon has been involved in Community Connect each year of its existence, though did not attend the Poznan event in 2016. He led Community Connect 2020 with Tim Quievryn and they've joined forces again for Community Connect 2021, working alongside our Community, Product, Marketing, and Events teams. Although virtual this year, you'll see him throughout the 2021 event including the kickoff and several sessions after that.

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