Community Connect

"CSS: a Community Connect Town Hall" was a March 2017 interactive broadcast event. It was open to the general FANDOM public. 


This Town Hall was unusual in that it had five topics delivered by just two presenters, while a special guest joined in to the "Ask-Me-Anything" session at the end.

  • FishTank spoke of ways to responsibly customise the FANDOM skin, as well as understanding some best practices with CSS in templates (Slides)
  • Meanwhile, CzechOut talked about general design theory (Slides), cascading and inheritance (Slides) and the need to ensure cross-browser CSS compatability (Slides)

Presentations were geared towards editors with novice-to-moderate styling skills, though more seasoned editors likely found something to mull over, as well. While each presentation was followed by a question-and-answer period relative to that talk, the event concluded with a general "Ask-Me-Anything" session. Special guests, including FANDOM's chief UX designer, answered a variety of questions about design best practices.