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Carrie "Parmesean" Parameswaran was SVP, Research & Insights at Fandom. She combined her passion for entertainment, her love of storytelling and her need to find out what makes people do what they do to research in understanding fans and the Fandom audience.


Carrie's destiny as a media researcher can be traced to back to her childhood when she signed-up her family to be a Nielsen household meticulously transcribing the quarter-hour viewing habits of her parents and siblings. While TV has always been her first love, it hasn’t always loved her back as her team had the shortest appearance in the of the short-lived prime-time game show Greed: TV Guide Edition hosted by Chuck Woolery. (Tip: Ask Carrie what question her team lost on.) Luckily, her career has lasted much longer starting out at CourtTV (back when that was a thing), then on to big drama and comedies at TBS and TNT to covering Kids and Young Adults for Cartoon Network, AdultSwim and Funny or Die. Finally bringing all it all together at Fandom.

Community Connect Involvement

Carrie presented the hot new research that all the kids are talking about "The State of Fandom" to deep dive into fan habits, preferences and motivators across TV, Movies and Gaming. She will also tell you how really, really good Fleabag is and if you haven’t watched it already you should. No, seriously.