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Cheesedude is an admin at the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki.


Cheesedude first started consistent wiki editing on a non-Wikia wiki, Bulbapedia. This gave him enough confidence to try his hand at editing Wikipedia, where he contributed to professional wrestling articles for several years before completely losing interest in that subject and subsequently dropping off of Wikipedia. He'll occasionally drop by both of those wikis, usually when reading something on them.

He somehow ended up randomly editing the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki to correct a few things around July 2009, several years after having lost interest in Yu-Gi-Oh!. This rekindled his interest in the franchise in general and six years later he's still at it, watches new episodes as soon as possible once they air and is a part of another YGO website specializing in news reporting and translation. Apparently, he's very good at stumbling into places and then never leaving.

He loves the YGO franchise for much the same reasons as many people leave it - the fact that it is completely and utterly nonsensical.

He has a degree in Psychology, which he's currently putting to excellent use by washing dishes at a nursing home. He's also never sarcastic.