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ChickenBar is an admin at Warframe Wiki. He likes fried chicken.


ChickenBar first joined Wikia in April 2013 solely for Warframe, since then he has been a dedicated editor of Warframe Wiki, though occasionally he lurks around other anime wikis. Currently he is the lead admin of Warframe Wiki and the main point of contact for the Warframe developers. He spends most of his time maintaining templates, playing around .css and lua modules.

Earlier this year he was in PAX East and appeared on Twitch as part of the Wikia-Warframe livestream.

Food for thought for CommConnect:

  • Windows Phone app
  • Portable infobox and wikitext
  • parse external json
  • database
  • namespace
  • WAM mechanics
  • code review
  • report function/ticket
  • .js talk page locked
  • edit button placement