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Ejyh is an administrator on Polish wikis connected to the Monster High, Ever After High and Winx franchise and on the English Junji Ito wiki. She joined Fandom in January 2014, dedicating a lot of her free time (which was a lot, as a teenager who didn't do anything for school) to creating OCs.

Less formal hello


My name is Natalia, but I prefer to be called Dev. My current username was basically created by smashing random letters on my keyboard, so I don't really associate myself with it, but nostalgia is a strong force and I don't have the guts to change it. I use she/her pronouns, although I don't mind they/them pronouns either. I started my Fandom adventure when I first discovered a Monster High wiki, albeit it wasn't about the main show - you could actually create your own characters there - and my creative little young teenage self was hooked. Since then I became an administrator on the Polish Ever After High Wiki, Ever After High Własne Postacie Wiki, Monster High Własne postacie Wiki, and Fanowska Winx Club Wiki. As you can see, I really enjoy creating stuff based around magical/fantasy themes and in the universes of nostalgic 2000s/2010s franchises. On the other spectrum, I really enjoy horror media, although I am jumpy and skittish. My personal favorite creator of horror is Junji Ito - my love for his works is the main reason I became an admin on the wiki dedicated to them.

I am a native speaker of Polish and (I like to think that I am) fluent in English. I used to study English philology, but uhhhhhh... that didn't work out for me. Right now I'm aiming to study something art related, which is pretty hard with a critically low self-esteem.

My main interest are games (fantasy RPGs like Skyrim, Dragon Age Franchise, farming simulators like Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, and the Sims franchise), reading (mostly mangas and LGBTQ+ centered stories), K-pop (fav groups include Twice, G-Idle, Dreamcatcher, Weki Meki, Itzy, EXID, KARD and more), and art.

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