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David, known as Espartannoble6 on Wikia, is a spanish Helper and Wikia Star. He is also admin and founder of several communities across Wikia.


David was born and raised in Catalonia (Spain). Nowadays, he is studying Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona and he is also learning Concept Art and 3D animation by himself, although he plans to study video game development once he finishes his current degree. He has a good taste for art and graphic design.

David is very passionate about what he likes, does and works on. He always tries to be positive and he is very persistent. He is a good observer and he likes to learn new things.

Becoming a Wikian

He discovered Wikia on 2011, when looking for some information about Halo. He started editing on Halopedia and later on he became admin at the Spanish Halo Fanon. A year later he would become administrator at the Spanish Destinypedia and he has recently founded the Quantum Break Wiki and the Mr. Robot Society.

On 2014, David became Wikia Star.


Due to his great designs on Wikia, David became Helper on January 2015 and joined the spanish community design team. This team consists of Helpers who help users with the design of communities (logos, background images, portals, templates, etc.). He also helps users with non-design related matters, as any Helper would do.

He has created designs for tens of communities.


The Username

Some theorists claim that he could be one of the biggest Halo fans on Earth Jupiter, and although there is no prove of that, his username could be the key to solve this mistery. His username is a combination of the words "Espartano" (Spartan in spanish) and Noble6, the main character from Halo: Reach.

Anyway, everyone calls him just David.