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Fire-Luigi.gif Fire-Luigi is an administrator on the French Zelda Wiki and is currently speaking of himself by using the third person.



Hi! I'm Fire-Luigi, I'm admin since may 5th of 2013 on the French ZeldaWiki. At this date, I'm 20 years old, and I'm studying chemistry at the High School. I'm very proud to get invited to the Community Central. This is thanks to my referant administrator Sedali, and I'm really grateful to him.

I'm good at image manipulation, I also have some html & css notion. I'm sometime making new templates and coding usefull things. I'm concerned by the evolution of Wikia and want to know what members staff plan to do in the future. I'm also a big fan of the Lazy Load, it's the most awesome thing in the WorldTM ! Seriously, don't you agree ? Being able to put 600 images on a page with no lag thanks to that! It's awesome! It's so great that I'm going to add 500 images to this page and you will not manage to see what is wrotten here


I first started contributing on Wikia in 2010 I guess, or maybe 2011, on Fantendo, because I really love Nintendo and it games, and I found the concept of the Wiki interesting. However, the wiki grew incredibly fast, and I leave it one day because it's too fast for me! (But I still love the concept as well as the infinite imagination of everyone here! Fantendo deserves it success!) I learnt by myself to use tools such as and GIMP to transform an image and make the transparency while contributing in Fantendo.

And now

Now, you can mainly find me on ZeldaWiki, sometime on the French Community Central, but also rarely on Zeldapedia (en). I'm quite active so please do not hesitate to leave me a message if you want!