Community Connect

Frisk (FriskyGote on Fandom) is mainly a Gamepedia user and GRASP member. He was mostly involved with Polish Minecraft Wiki project leading to his adminship. Later having some involvement with Polish Gamepedia Help wiki and Animal Royale wiki. Editor of the Month for February 2019 on Gamepedia.

Who did you bribe to go on CC 2020?

Ok, enough with nice 3rd person neutral style. I've been active in Gamepedia community for a while now, mostly advocating (complaining) for Gamepedia communities (also a member of Gamepedia Fellowship), actively participating in GRASP duties, developing tools for the community and GRASP, helping users on Discord from time to time, trying to keep the effort of Crossover between Fandom and Gamepedia Minecraft Wikis going, constantly bugging staff, abusing privilage- wait, I were not supposed to write these. Oops.

In the community I'm known by some for my skills in writing "Walls of Text" which are big chunks of text, pointing out concerns, feedback mixed with a dose of direct criticism. I do plan to bring one wall to Community Connect 2020 as well.


  • I'm actually a first attendee of goat species, very proud of that too.
  • If you see me, feel free to call me Frisk, I'll appreciate it.
  • I'm absolutely a furry.

Community Connect 2020

I attended, had an amazing time. The community was absolutely wonderful. Hope to attend future Community Connects if it's only possible. Cannot express how much I appreciated the time with my friends, and I petted the goats!