Community Connect

Garrett "Tots" Totcky is a community manager at Gamepedia and Fandom. Aside from working with the community, Tots also handles support issues, running contests, and manages the Gamepedia Fellowship.


Tots started in the games industry 10 years ago as a Game Master on the MMORPG Darkfall. Over the years he worked with various studios including NCSoft, Wargaming, Turbine, and more. Over the years his work evolved from support into more community-centric work. Most recently he worked with the US Army on their game America's Army before joining the Fandom family.

On the side Tots produces, edits, and co-hosts multiple gaming related podcasts covering topics from game development to tabletop gaming.

Community Connect Involvement

Tots will be working with Gamepedia editors to discuss the future as we look towards the new Unified Community Platform.