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I've been both a gamer and a programmer for as long as I can remember. I love games in all their various forms: video games, board games, CCG's... you name it. And I'm a big fan of bizarre or obscure titles, too.

I've self-published two card games and a number of web games. I also have the rather dubious honor of having self-developed and self-published the first "real" MMORPG on the App store back in the day (it's no longer live, sadly).

Prior to Wikia, I've worked at Xfire (an instant messenger for gamers back before Steam was even a thing), Zynga, and Skyfire (the world's biggest 3rd-party mobile browser for a good run there), among other places.

At Community Connect

My team and I are at the forefront of Wikia's modernization and forward-looking efforts, acting as scouts and building a bridge from where we are now to where we might want to go. With that as the context, I'll be speaking about that work and what possibilities it presents for Wikia's distant future.