Community Connect

George, mostly known as Kirkburn around Wikia, is a Technical Community Support Specialist, meaning he helps solve the more technical issues and requests that editors and other visitors may have.


George went to the University of Bristol for Civil Engineering, but found that his passions lead elsewhere*. He joined WoWWiki back in 2006, then Wikia about a year later. He started out by helping to kickstart various gaming communities, then moved onto becoming a product manager. For the last few years, he has been a member of the Community Support team, assisting users with more technical problems.

He lives by the seaside with his American wife and their dog, Bogie. They take shockingly few walks on the beach.

His surname changes almost as much as the British weather.

Community Connect Involvement

Giving how long he's been around Wikia, George has significant knowledge about the history of Wikia. Remember some old feature Wikia had in 2009? George probably knows who to blame for making it pink.

* Feel free to insert your own joke about "building bridges between people" here.