Community Connect

Isaac was an Editor Experience Specialist (formerly Community Technical Specialist). His focus was in user education and technical coding for content and templates. He was also your go-to guy most of the time to talk about portability, Best Practices, or Lua. He is still occasionally mistaken for a piscine cistern or armoured fighting vehicle.

We believe that every user that enters the Fandom network should be provided with clear guidance, encouragement, and helpful tools in order to better their time spent with us. We believe that all our visitors and contributors have something to contribute, and we partner with those at all skill levels to guide them to an engaging and rewarding experience on our communities. My personal mission was to bring to you the best practices and analysis to help you make informed decisions; that way, you can help your communities to grow and be successful.


Isaac acquired his first pair of cowboy boots in 2019, despite having lived in Texas for most of his life.

Community Connect Involvement

He was part of these 2016 sessions:

  • Main Pages: Desktop and Mobile
  • International Interaction
  • Portability on your Community

He attended Community Connect 2015 as a user before joining Fandom's staff.