Community Connect

Jackboog21 is a Fandom editor since 2013, Head Bureaucrat of the Yandere Simulator Wiki and an Admin of the Just Dance Wiki. He attended Community Connect 2020 and will attend Community Connect 2021.


Jackboog21 began using Fandom (then Wikia) by joining the Just Dance Wiki in June 2014, though he had created his account in April 2013. On December 27th 2014 he became a Chat Mod for the wiki and on August 6th 2019 he became an Admin.

On the Yandere Simulator Wiki he became an Admin within his first few days and became a Bureaucrat within his first few months. He has remained on the wiki long after the Founder left.

In January 2018, he began speaking with the next 2 highest rank staff members of the Yandere Simulator Wiki (the Head Content Mod and Head Discussion Mod) to create a new form of wiki governance that would split powers between 2 councils. This system went into effect on January 20th with the first meeting of the Council of Administration. As of February 2021, this system has been in use for 3 years.