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Jak Himself (Jace) has been a bureaucrat and administrator on the Jak and Daxter Wiki since summer 2013, and a Councilor as of late 2019. He's also a founding member of the facetiously-named New Wiki Order est. 2018, along with two other councilors (Technobliterator and Tim H), and within that capacity may or may not hold temporary or indefinite admin rights on other various wikis. His work can be seen on all of the NWO-affiliated wikis, being the web designer and developer of the templates and many skins (sans the Lua ports, done by Techno), the one responsible for many/most of the logos, the primary policy writer, template documentation writer, and other advisory contributions. He also made a few things on the Fandom Developers Wiki.

Now onto some personal bio, for which I'll nix the third person POV because I keep forgetting and having to correct myself. Professionally, I'm a front-end web developer, which started merely as a hobby here on Fandom (then Wikia) some 10 years ago. As such, I'm mostly self-taught, though I did pick up an associate's degree in web development last year. I've since been employed full-time doing what I love to do. My major focus in my career is accessibility, performance, and UX advocacy. I consider myself a part-time multimedia artist, knowing my way around Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Blender.

Some of my hobbies include writing, playing and creating music, and programming. I also enjoy shows and movies, some of my favorites being Game of Thrones (RIP), Star Wars, and the MCU. Ironically, although I work primarily on a video game wiki, I'm not really into video games. I'm just a sucker for nostalgia. Other shit I'm into in no particular order: dogs, rain, pizza, music, martial arts (once upon a time lol), road trips, volunteering, politics, so on and so forth. Not to be the internet's biggest and most quirky annoying cliche, but if you know me online and irl, you'll know I'm basically this.

Everything Techno says about being an evil overlord is true.