Community Connect

Jessica "Alianin" Clifford is the Product Manager for Gamepedia.


Jessica started editing wikis in 2008 on WoWWiki and joined Wowpedia when it was established. She then continued editing wikis on what was now Gamepedia, sticking mostly with MMOs including Star Wars: The Old Republic and WildStar. Due to her contributions, in 2015 she was contracted as a Wiki Manager and a year later joined Curse, the then parent company of Gamepedia, as a Wiki Specialist. Jessica has worn a variety of hats in her time at Curse/Twitch/Fandom, and although she doesn't edit wikis for work anymore, she spends her free time happily editing.

Community Connect involvement

Jessica, along with Tots, is leading the Gamepedia breakout session where concerns and ideas specific to Gamepedia will be discussed.