Community Connect

Johnny Warren (they/them) is a longtime editor, admin and/or founder of an handful of wikis. Johnny is a recent Councilor, appointed in 2019.


After several months of editing as an unregistered user, Johnny began to take their first steps by updating galleries, biographies and episode tables on a handful of wikis. The work on Salem led them to be promoted as a bureaucrat in April 2015, becoming the only active administrator when the founder and the other admin eventually left.

Around the same time, Johnny became a regular user on American Horror Story, eventually becoming a content moderator in 2016, and later promoted as an administrator in 2017.

The afternoons spent reading and taking notes on Community Central proved very useful, and Johnny adopted the Taboo wiki ahead of the series release on January 2017. Whilst keeping those updated, Johnny founded their first wiki, The Alienist — later expanded to the other two limited series in the Suspense Collection, I Am the Night and The Angel of Darkness. This is by far their best wiki-wise achievement and the wiki they are more proud of.

In July 2019, Johnny was invited to join Community Council. In 2021, they attended their first Community Connect event.