Community Connect

Julia ist part of the Community Development Team for the German communities and focuses on entertainment topics. Her user name is Springteufel. Writing editorial content together with Wikians is her passion. She also creates funny contests or seeds Wikis with a personal touch and leaves them into the "wild" afterwards. They grow up so quickly! She is also in touch with the Community Support Team and keeps a constant exchange with the Product Team.


Her Smartphone and Julia are merged together and they have never been seen separated! Notable Skill: She is the fastest typer with one finger on smartphone keyboard (at least she knows)! There is not really a time when she is offline. After collecting tons of Pokémon cards, playing Game Boy and and watching Sailor Moon, the Internet entered her home and she also lived her fandom online since then. For a long time she was part of several Anime and Music Forums, chatted until sunset and found many friends and realized surprised: WOW, there are many more people like me out there!

Fascinated by Online Media she also wrote her Master Thesis about Communication in the Internet and worked for Online Communities before she started working for Wikia.

At Community Connect

Julia is co-facilitating a session about "Community Central" with her colleague Andrea. She is part of the Team about "How Social Media Can Help Your Community" and "Main Pages: Desktop and mobile" together with Bert and Tim and really excited to meet Wikians from all those different communities and especially six Admins from german Wikis!