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Lady Lostris is the active bureaucrat and administrator of the Avatar Wiki, the wiki where she can be found nearly daily. As side entertainment, she also hops around several other wikis in her capacity as a VSTF member.

Wikia experience

Lostris got to know Wikia after getting hit by a bus and being forced to lie in bed for eight weeks. Since she was sports-grounded, she needed to find something else to keep her busy. Being a fan of Avatar (the cartoon, not the blue people, though they're cool too) and writing her own story that includes bending the elements as well, she Googled for fire-based attacks, which is how she stumbled on the Avatar Wiki. Although she initially stuck around to read a fanon story, after its conclusion, she decided she wanted to try her hand at editing, and one tiny edit ended up creating a still ongoing addiction.


  • Lostris' username officially includes "Lady" as a way to let people know that she's female (not that it is a foolproof system, as she has discovered), though she prefers to just be addressed as "Lostris" as the prefix makes her feel old.
  • Never attempt to get Lostris to do something useful before 10am unless you have a steaming cup of black coffee to tempt her with.
  • Lostris' favorite color is red, favorite number is 3, favorite animal is a tiger, and her all time favorite element is fire.
  • Lostris named herself after the main female character in her favorite book River God by Wilbur Smith. Ironically, in light of the previous trivia, Lostris means "daughter of the waters".
  • Lostris loves the Ancient Egyptian culture.
  • Lostris' life goal is to see all the new world wonders.
  • Lostris labels her inability to do much with coding beyond "copy/paste/maybe adapt" her biggest shortcoming as a wiki editor.