Community Connect

Tor manages the Community Engineering team, a small group of engineers focused on building and maintaining tools for power users and admins, as well as on maintenance and the occasional firefighting.

He's also traditionally been blamed for Wikia outages, since somebody has to be that guy…


Tor has a background in linguistics (the study of language), and has worked as a freelance translator before joining Wikia in 2007.

At Wikia he's worked in Community Engineering as the team's responsibilities evolved from the initial "OMG, it broke again, Tor, fix plz!" charter to today's robust team of 5 engineers, working on complex new features.

Community Connect Involvement

Tor is going to talk about the latest admin-focused goodies (Flags) and baddies (JavaScript security), as well as being on hand for any and all of your engineering-related questions.

He also has more than a couple stories to tell from The Old Days.