Community Connect

Lucho was a Community Manager, completely focused on the Spanish community and Communication Lead for the international team. He also helped with the Localization efforts at Wikia.


Lucho finished college at Universidad del Pacífico in Lima, Perú back in 2008. Before joining the Peruvian work force, he wanted to travel and see what else was out in the world. He came to the US at the beginning of 2009. After spending all his money during his stay at his cousin's house in San Diego, he moved up to Monterey where he had two aunts. He worked in the hotel industry for 2 years, in every position available. He was ready to back home, but in September of 2010 he met a girl who changed his life. In 2011, he moved to San Jose and started working for a Chinese gaming company as a Project Manager. When he heard about the opportunity to work for Wikia, he didn't think twice and applied for the Community Manager position. Lucho is now married and tries to not piss off his wife, at least not too often.

Community Connect involvement

Lucho attended and supported the international users, especially the four Spanish users who are attending Community Connect, as much as he can without leaving behind the thousands of Spanish users, communities plus making sure all the projects Wikia is releasing are properly localized.