Community Connect

Marcin joined Fandom as the Program Manager for the Unified Community Platform project. He worked closely with Product, Engineering and Growth teams to ensure good communication. He was responsible for the project running smoothly and making sure that we overcame any difficulties we encountered along the way. 

Nerd history

Marcin is passionate about video games. Fallout 1 and 2 are the main reason he speaks decent English today. He's very fond of retro videogame consoles, especially early Nintendo ones. He owns an embarrassing number of them and he's known to go on hour-long lectures about his favorite SNES titles if prompted. 

When he's not playing games, you can usually find him reading up on new trends in homebrewing or whipping up a new batch of delicious home beer. 

Responsibilities at Fandom

Marcin was responsible for communication, scheduling, and delivery of the Unified Community Platform project.