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Micyeung723 is an administrator of few gaming wikis. His name is Michael Yeung (aka Mic). He was born on July 23rd, and that's what the username made of.


Michael loves playing video games (who doesnt). He found Wikia when searching the information of a mobile game, and felt curious and exciting(?) about Wikia. He joined Wikia since June 17th, 2014 because of a Japanese mobile game about Hunter x Hunter. He felt full of curiosity about MediaWiki. He didnt know that is also the core software engine what Wikipedia: runs, which he didnt like and felt bored of. He saw an intelligent idea and challenges. He studied about Mediawiki and created a few gaming wikis (with the fans of games of course).


Michael is a perfectionist, and a workaholic. He believes in everything and he believes everything is possible (instead of nothing is impossible). He is absolutely an open-minded person. The wikis under his management is always templated, and pages are wanted to be the same format.

Michael is usually a rationality person. However, he only work on wikis by interests. He doesnt speak much, except the topics he feels really interesting. He is not quite an talkative person, even with his buddy.

Michael is an atheist but believing in God, ghosts, aliens, etc. He loves Sci-Fi so much and loves watching that kind of movies, exspecialy Star Trek and Stargate.