Community Connect

MrMusicMan789 is a Community Admin on The Blackout Club Wiki (Gamepedia), member of the Gamepedia Fellowship, and was an attendee at Community Connect 2020.


MrMusicMan789 joined Gamepedia in January 2019 to begin building The Blackout Club Wiki, but he has several years' experience editing wikis including on Fandom (on an old, dusty, and now-unused account) and was made a co-admin on the Wiki shortly after joining.

MrMusicMan789 spent September to December 2019 developing a system that allows players to share their unique, live experiences in the game with the community and readers of the Wiki. The system lets users submit their interaction experiences, automatically creates "collections" of interactions for each user, and provides dynamic lists on the home page as well as other tools so users can search and find interactions for specific topics. These interactions can then be used to build and add content to articles and theorize further about the game as it evolves since a majority of the game's lore and plot details are given through these experiences. MrMusicMan789 also serves as a moderator for the game's official Discord server.

He currently studies physics at university and is a member of a physics research group looking to optimize 3D printing techniques for advanced modeling and medical applications. He hopes to one day take part in high energy particle physics research and may have the opportunity to take part in more research in summer 2020 overseas in Switzerland.

MrMusicMan789 earns his nickname for he is also an accredited orchestrator, arranger, and copyist. His most notable project is a Broadway musical that has a London production and several tours (national and international). His work takes inspiration from Shostakovich, Elgar, and Stravinsky.

Community Connect 2020

MrMusicMan789 learned many things about Fandom, the upcoming UCP, and got to discuss Gamepedia topics, concerns, and ideas with other admins and members of Fandom's team. He learned first-hand how Antonio R. Castro has an unquenchable desire for (at minimum) 3 pieces of cheesecake. MrMusicMan789 also confirmed how one can do many things at Disney World (including walking around almost the entire park) in 2.5 hours instead of spending that time waiting for Space Mountain. He narrowly survived the human sandwich bus ride from Hollywood Studios and the midnight hotel fire alarm. He owes River 25 minutes of "2 AM discussion about Sublime", though a case could be made he owes just 15 minutes. He leaves Community Connect 2020 having made many new friends and is excited for the work Fandom and Gamepedia are doing for the future of fandoms.