Community Connect

Nekky-chan is a member of the IVT and an attendee at the Community Connect 2021.

Journey at Fandom

He started his journey at Fandom at the late 2016s. The first community he began to edit was Brave Frontier RPG Wiki, a JRPG for mobile phones. Then he became a member of the Vanguard Team.

Intership at Fandom

In 2017 Nekky-chan has become a trainee at Fandom in Community Development. He helped communities growing by assisting users with background creation, main page improving, seeding new wikis for upcoming games/movies, etc.

International Volunteering Team

At the end of 2019 Nekky-chan has become a member of the IVT (International Volunteering Team). His field of working is leading the german Vanguard Team, help german users and making some internal IVT stuff related work (:whip:).