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ProfessorTofty is a member of Fandom's content team.


I joined Fandom's content team in 2019. Since then, my projects have included The Terror (AMC), GLOW (Netflix), Frozen II, Lost in Space (Netflix) and The Dragon Prince (Netflix). When not at work on Fandom, you can find me active a number of wikis, including the ones for Final Fantasy, Star Wars (Wookieepedia), and Star Trek (Memory Alpha). I also dabble in a number of other wikis from time to time. Although I don't generally do much work wiki-wise regarding them, I am a fairly major player of Japanese RPGS, including besides the Final Fantasy series, The Legend of Heroes franchise, the Atelier franchise, the Tales franchise and recently Persona 5.

In the past, I have also been an admin for a few wikis and still maintain that status on at least a couple, though I am mostly not active on those at the moment. I built the wiki for Eternal Sonata pretty much from the ground-up and am happy with the work I did there, even if the game is no longer very well known.