Community Connect

Raylan is one of the Community Development Associates focused on the gaming side of things, though he is known to dabble on his own in wikias assigned to other verticals, such as the Cosplay wikia.

His primary focus and love is on all things Blizzard, be it Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, or Diablo. He positively cannot wait for the Overwatch beta to begin (or Legion!). He has played StarCraft, but would really prefer if Nova had her own game soon™.


Before Raylan began working at Wikia, he was a graduate counseling student. Like almost all students graduating from university, he put his degree to good use by working... on editing and css. He's been married for quite some time and has a few wonderful, if not exhausting, toddlers. In fact, when he's not working, he's sleeping. Or trying to. Maybe. He hears sleep returns to parents when their children graduate high school.

When not actively involved in the above, he likes to read primarily fantasy and enjoys most any activity that takes place in the outdoors, so long as it doesn't carry the risk of killing him.

Community Connect Involvement

Raylan's here to engage visitors in discussion and is happy to pass along any feedback visitors might have and help where he can.