Community Connect

Sannse is Director of English Community at Wikia.  Which basically means she has a job that involves chatting online all day.  She has been at Wikia for 10 years and is still waiting for the cake to celebrate that.

Sannse does actually have more than one name, in fact she has at least four. But tends to just use "Sannse" as that's the one she chose herself. Much of the time she types it as "sannse", because holding down a shift key for long enough to type "S", but not so long as to type "SA" is hard


Back in 2002, Sannse spent a lot of time on chat, forums and reading blogs. One of those blogs was Wil Wheaton's, which had a quick little entry saying "If you haven't wasted half a day at the Wikipedia, you haven't wasted half a day."

Well, she wasted half a day... and carried on to waste a few years. Along with making many tiny edits (mostly fixing typos and organizing the Grammy Awards pages) she also wrote (part of) a whole article, served as an admin, replied to emails for the Foundation (back when they could all be replied to by one person), helped out on the Mediation, Arbitration and Communication Committees, and learned to spend a lot of time on IRC instead of chat.

Facts About Sannse

  • She was once a witness in a trial between Cadbury's and the Swiss Chocolate Consortium.
  • She has a mole on her hand in the shape of a heart. It's called Fred.
  • Her favorite song is currently Black Velve... no... And Then He Falle... wait... Adagio for Strings. No, wait, Don't Stop Me Now.
  • Her favorite hamster (one of many through the years) was an escape artist known as Copernicus the Second. Copernicus the First died of a bad attack of cat.
  • She can say "I don't speak Polish" in Polish.

At Community Connect

Sannse, and others, will be holding a focus group on Community Central - how can we improve it and make it more relevant to you.