Community Connect

SlyCooperFan1 is a username I made when I was eight years old and I've just been too stubborn to change it, so call me Alban (my real first name) or just Sly.


I started editing on Fandom in early 2010 on the Ace Combat wiki, Acepedia. I was promoted to administrator in late 2013 and I've been the lead admin there since mid-2014. I've contributed to a few other wikis, mostly in the Gaming vertical. Fun fact, I have never held a special position at the Sly Cooper wiki, always just a fan.

I participated in the Fan Contributor program in 2016, and as part of that I got to attend Warframe's TennoCon in Canada and interview the developers on-camera, as well as attend Community Connect 2016 and 2020. A month after Connect 2020, I officially joined the team as a Wiki Representative where I currently work today.

I try to bring a unique voice that wants to see improvements while also understanding the difficult positions Fandom sometimes finds itself in, and I've been told my frankness is a quality trait. I look forward to seeing UCX and everything else in store for Connect 2021!


I've lived in New York for almost my entire life, but my name (and lineage) is Albanian. No, I wasn't named after the country. The country was named after me. 😛 I graduated with an associate's in IT in 2018. In addition to working as a Wiki Representative, I also livestream a variety of games on Twitch.