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Spottra is one of the two bureaucrats and head administrators on the Clash of Clans Wiki. He also helps out on a number of other wikis.


Spottra (or "Spot" for short) came to Wikia in late 2012 after he began playing Clash of Clans. At first he was just another anonymous member using the nascent Clash of Clans Wiki for information like thousands of other users, and he even made a few (very small) contributions of his own. In April 2013, however, after a serious spate of vandalism attacks over several weeks, the admin team at the time decided to lock most main content pages to registered editors. As a result, he registered an account as his Clash of Clans username, "ctome3" (his name, C. Tom E. III}...except he had completely forgotten that years before he had registered his e-mail address on WoWWiki as Spottra, his old (retired) World of Warcraft character! "So...Spottra it is, then." :)

At first he mainly stuck to content addition and copywriting, but soon he became familiar enough with wikitext to begin making new templates, and eventually even learned enough CSS and JS to be dangerous. Now he is relatively comfortable with the behind-the-scenes stuff, helping out several wikis with coding, layouts and ideas.