Community Connect

Stygies VIII is a Fandom editor since 2014, a Community Councilor since January 2018 and a Wiki Manager in the Anime Team since August 2019.

Fandom bio

She started editing Fandom at The Elder Scrolls Wiki in 2014. There, she learned most of basic editing and still edits that wiki, currently being a News Team member there.

Stygies VIII has founded multiple Polish wikis, mostly related to anime, the rest related to gaming. She still supports wikis outside of her Fandom job, being in a few local admin teams, listed at her profile.

She has also helped out at wikis not founded by her, such as Polish The Elder Scrolls Wiki or Hellsing Wiki as an administrator and bureaucrat.

She likes to apply knowledge about social media and services such as Discord to promote wikis and wiki editing. She has experience in community managing and social media managing in and outside of Fandom.

Stygies VIII knows how to operate a PyWikiBot and is proficient in CSS, wikitext, wordmark/background/favicon/theme creation and template creation.

Real-life bio

Her real name is Karolina. She was born and lives in Poland. There, she studies medicine.

Coding, gaming, wiki editing and being a weeb are her passions, but also jobs. She manages multiple gaming facebook groups and works a part-time job at an indie gamedev studio as a Social Media Specialist. And is a professional weeb at Fandom.

She is also an animal rights activist, going to some actions and demonstrations when she can.


  • Loves coffee.
  • Probably knows everything about The Elder Scrolls.
  • Collects tabletop RPG dice in multiple shapes.
  • Knows how to cut people (to-be surgeon). Can steal your kidney.