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TK-999 is an admin at Star Wars Fanon.


I have been a Wikia user since 2010, and I'm currently an administrator on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki as well as a member of the VSTF, combating spam and vandalism across Wikia. While I primarily concern myself with the technical aspects of running a wikia, especially with regards to site customization, template management and general maintenance, I've also been fascinated by the profound transformation Wikia underwent from being a simple wiki hosting service into becoming a complex hub of fan interaction, fan-created journalism and social communication. I'm due to intern in Wikia's Poznan office as a developer after three years of contributing to the Wikia codebase via the Volunteer Developer program, working on issues such as implementing user rights management for article comments, creating a SoundCloud embed tag for MediaWiki and fixing numerous smaller bugs.

Although modern software development is one of my areas of interest as a soon-to-be intern and Engineering Information Technology student, I'm also fascinated by poetry and the Latin language.