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Tim Quievryn is the Director of Editor Experience at Fandom and our only employee who happens to be half-Pegasus. [1] He does not often write about himself and when he is asked to often feels put on the spot.


When Hurricane Hugo struck the North Carolina coast in 1989, it's powerful inland storm surges collected a series of random biological flotsam that eventually coalesced into the organic matter now known as Tim (hence why he's half-pegasus). Since then, Tim has been hit by a deer while walking, been attacked by a mother whose child he was rescuing from an angry copperhead, mistakenly named a World Champion Irish dancer, won a big tennis tournament after discovering a magical pink tennis ball, and had his last name spelled 81 different ways.

Community Connect Involvement

TimQ is here to entertain your minds and win over your hearts (He's actually not 100% sure what he's doing yet).


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