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TimeShade is an administrator on Arrowverse Wiki and Wiki Manager for the TV/Movies vertical.


My journey on Fandom began back in the Wikia days. I was primarily a reader but began actively editing in 2013. I joined various groups including Wikia Stars/Council in 2014 and the Fan Contributor program in its initial inception.

In 2019, I became a Wiki Manager for the TV/Movies vertical.

Just before Connect 2020, Marcus will be facing a crisis on the Arrowverse Wiki.


  • Marcus is aware he switched to third-person at the end of his bio but is too cool to stay on first person.
  • Marcus was seen in the background of a news report because the BART had a major shutdown which lasted several hours. He could be seen half dead because it was at 6am and he was waiting since 5am.
  • The picture depicts Marcus wanting everyone to stay away from him during the event