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I am an active Avatar Wiki user! I joined Fandom in 2014. It all started when I rewatched Avatar and loved the show so much, I watched it a million times more until I decided I would start watching random episodes, so I looked for lists of episodes until I found Wikipedia's which was ugly. I prefered the one on Fandom, so I used that one until I realized there was more to the page than I had thought initially. I clicked on recent wiki activity and was left in shock, so I started exploring until I finally started editing.

Soon after that, I found the Spanish Avatar Wiki and started editing there as well. On the English Avatar Wiki I'm currently a rollback, and I'm a bureaucrat on the Spanish one.

The year after I joined Fandom, I joined the Community Council and soon afterwards became an admin on the Spanish Community Central (I was there three years). I joined Vanguard the following year and was invited to join the VSTF in May 2019!

Fun facts

  • I can hold a conversation for hours regarding the following topics: Muse, Avatar, The Office
  • I am fluent in Spanish and English, advanced in Portuguese and also know a little French.
  • If I lived in the Avatar Universe, I'd be an airbender living in Republic City.
  • I lived in the US for most of my childhood.
  • Favorite color is blue.
  • Favorite food is sushi.