Community Connect

Town Halls are interactive, virtual learning sessions that FANDOM occasionally hosts as a part of the Community Connect experience. Long-term editors might well see them as the logical heirs to Webinars that we used to offer in the first half of the 2010s.

Come to a Town Hall prepared to ask questions!

They typically involve presentations by several different Staff members or volunteers, and their topics tend to be chosen collaboratively by Staff members and users alike. Often, however, they are about FANDOM's newer products, or different ways of thinking about some of our older ones. All Town Halls offer attendees a chance to directly ask questions of the presenters, without requiring you to sign up for anything. Questions are typed in to our moderator, so you don't even need to worry about appearing on camera or microphone!

How to get to them


Attendees call in through BlueJeans, an app on several different platforms. To participate, you'll need to tune in using any one of these methods:

These methods are valid as of mid-2017. BlueJeans may of course evolve over time, allowing other ways of connecting. To keep current, visit

Event code

Each event has its own, temporary event code, which you will have to enter when prompted. As a part of the announcement of each event, we'll tell you what that code is. Repeat attendees should bear in mind that the code they used for one session will likely not work for another one.


Town Halls typically take place on Saturdays, in the late mornings Pacific Time, early afternoons Eastern, and therefore evenings across most of Europe and Africa. While no time could possibly work for every FANDOM user around the world, this time seems to offer the most people the greatest chance of attending.