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I am Ursuul.

My Fan Journey™ (2020)

As a noob

I created my account on the Codex Alera Wiki because Jim Butcher is amazing & I figured that I should help out that Wiki. I then proceeded to not do that.

I then went to Jim Butcher’s other book Wiki, Dresden Files, where I accidentally got the person who built almost the entire thing banned by VSTF because I was spamming external links via VisualEditor, which he was helplessly trying to stop me from doing. I am really sorry AVR, you’re awesome ;D

Then while in college I discovered (from the Gaming Lemon on YouTube), where I learned nothing because I was in my dorm playing it nonstop. My roommate was concerned. progressed to & finally to where there were actually RPG elements present, so we could have actual articles about somewhat important stuff. I promptly bribed the Bureaucrat at the time with UserTags, & because I “knew JS” I received ’crat rights in return. At this time I graduated to rich text editor & was no longer a noob.


I adopted approximately 2.8 trillion Wikis but stayed on Wiki so that I could destroy it using my terrible bureaucracy (heh) & then come back later to fix it with autocracy (that surprisingly worked & I was praised for it), which means I’m the hero of this story. After finally mastering source editor & terrible CSS, I attempted to join Council (btw I made the logo for it & it is beautiful & I love it), but was rejected for calling Forum haters bootlickers. I wrote a 10 paragraph apology (if you can believe it) & changed Bert’s mind, which Brandon Rhea regrets to this very day.

Volunteer aka unpaid intern

After aggravating Fandom for long enough in Council & showing Isaac Fischer my terrible CSS, he made the mistake of inviting me to Vanguard, where I wrote good Infoboxes exactly one time & then spent years trying & failing to set aside time to make good Infoboxes again (also I made a logo for that too but it will never be as awesome as Vanguard spear D:). I did become a CSS lord however, & I guess I also became a Global Discussions Moderator even though I hated Discussions at the time & just wanted more rights or something.

At some point during this time I complained to Brandon about how awful the Official Gamepedia Wiki was, so he freaking closed it like an absolute madlad & made my Fandom Wiki the Official Wiki. Having finally achieved my goal without actually doing anything myself, I resigned from & left a banana in charge.

Contractor aka sort of a paid intern but not really

After doing a terrible job as a Vanguard & GDM for two years I decided that I deserved to get paid for all my years of doing nothing, so I asked JoePlay for a Wiki Manager job in Gaming & got rejected because I was a moron. Denied by the vertical I was most experienced in, I begged Movies/TV for a Wiki Manager job & they told me no as well, but they did send me to Movies/TV Content Team where I was hired despite not even owning a television & the fact that the last time I had left the house to see a movie was back when American politics was only mildly annoying.

Doesn’t matter still made it, so I quit Vanguard & GDM & then tried to join Gaming again but as a Content Team Member, but was rejected again because my writing is terrible (I just wanna be paid to play video games for God’s sake). No matter, I watched one whole anime (it was harem don’t ask) & managed to convince the weeb vertical to accept me instead, only as a Wiki Manager. Finally I thought my dream of helping Wikis with CSS professionally was becoming real, but turns out Anime is the only vertical that actually does any work so I was sent to make a million tiny Wikis & had no time to help anyone.

Oh & Fandom also gave me a free flight to meet all the awesome people I have annoyed for 4 years now, so I guess everything worked out in the end ;D


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