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FishTank (who may be addressed as Isaac, in most cases) is an admin at American Horror Story Wiki. He is occasionally mistaken for a piscine cistern.

Funny story: his first dance with any wikia was editing AHSW, which the founder made a single edit on and abandoned. After a couple edits, a little popup asked if he wanted to be promoted. He had no idea what he was getting into. A few hundred articles later, AHSW is consistently one of the top-WAM'd Television wikias during its broadcast season. In short, it adopted him (not the other way around). This has always puzzled and amazed him, and he is in a constant state of incredulity that it has lasted this long. He's even more amazed that his recaps (done live during the initial broadcast of an episode) get seen by millions of people by the next day and translated on the sister interwikis (and inevitably ripped to Wikipedia).

See also: Isaac Fischer


Isaac is the culmination of millennia of evolution on his home planet, and as a result barely escaped ritual sacrifice by his people (who tend to immolate and consume their monarchs and heroes). While taking refuge on Earth, he makes intensive study of languages (both machine and sentient), computers, and psychology in hopes of developing SkyNet (which he intends to deploy on his homeworld, to avoid this whole eating business in the future) and creating as many international incidents as possible. He considers himself a Gentleman Texan.

He considers himself an early adopter of technology, a staunch advocate of rational discourse, and self-effacing madman.